Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Conditional Conditions

It with confidence that I make this statement. Many churches here in WNC and in America are not the Church Christ intended them to be. The politics and posturing of a church administration is sending it straight to hell along with others that are caught up in the fray. Yet, they are so wrapped up in their administration they wouldn't take instruction from the Master Himself if He stood up in their midst on a Sunday morning.

I am grieved at what I see. It bothers me that I see it and understand it's consequences. Just not sure what to do with the information yet.

The church struggles for identity by using the same old tactics that have failed and caused the organization of the church to dwindle to the point of the brick, steepled buildings we once filled now barley used except for a few events that only the oldest members attend. The rest of us pass them by wondering what happened. No more does a phrase like "you should be in church" hold any weight or authority in our conciseness.

A great revival must take place and it won't happen in the small red brick churches that dot the back roads and street corners. It won't happen in our living rooms in front of our 70" flat screen big budget televangelist production.

We are going to be required to read the Book, fall from our personal agendas, give up our control over a committee and turn from our own desires and ask God in the name of His son Jesus Christ, to forgive us of our greed and moral decay, Christian that means you. Pastors, music ministers, youth directors, church staff, leaders and congregation will need to fall on our faces before God and ask Him to forgive us. Revival will not come without it. The church will not grow without it. Revival won't come through the pastor with the parachute clause in his contract. It has to come when we put the corporate industry out of our churches and focus on the All Mighty power of God who created Heaven and Earth and you and me in His image.

Face it, we've tried to make a business plan out of the church. Christ intend the church to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Christ will return for His church. How will He find us? He'll find us in a committee meeting arguing over the color of the soundmans seat cushions or whether we sing Amazing Grace adagio or allegro.

So that's the state of it right now, we're all played out. Will this make a difference? Probably not because the 6 people that will read this already know the condition of their church because it's the same condition of their heart; it's full of want. A want to be filled and see the power of God.

This isn't a seminary level entry but it is the condition of our church and if we have a desire to serve God the Father of Jesus Christ our savior, then we need to begin with the one thing we have the authority to change the condition of...our heart.

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