Thursday, December 09, 2010

Holy Day

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Another fried turkey under my belt... literally. Last year was our first year to try fried Tom and everyone agreed, it's the way to go. So once again, we took the family out on a deer hunt, Suzanne stayed at home to prepare the fixins'. This was Devins first hunt and she enjoyed it very much although not a deer was to be found we still had a great time. Earl, our GPS Outdoors ministry leader took point as our trail guide alone with his daughter Fiona.

We spent about 3 hours in the woods then made our way back to the house. This is my time to cook, turn on the gas, light the burner, get the oil to temp and gently lower the 13.5 lb Tom into it's final resting place. 45 minutes later a golden bird is lifted onto our Supper plates for a tasty meal.

This year the whole family agreed that we needed to find the tallest tree we could get into the front door for our Christmas. So off we go to the Farmers Market and Suzanne our cheif negotiator goes to work. Suzanne is good, I mean she could have talked the gunmen off of the clock tower. The first tree vendor we come to has some very tall trees but for our needs it has to be thin and tall. So the owner takes us to a tree standing up against another tree and the light shown down, this was the one. No more looking around, stop, make sure it's wel shaped and let the negotiator loose. Suzanne begins her magic, I mean it's an art, we work as a team but she's the lead. She makes her offer, looking the owner square in the eyes, he counters, she makes one more offer and walks leaving me to explain. The two of us, men, now have a choice to make, I either exchange cash with the owner or we both walk away with our ears pinned back. We drive away with a 14' Christmas tree from the hills of Avery County. Her work here is done.

Christ is at the center of everything our family is and does. No one, nothing and no circumstance will ever change that. God can change a life one day at a time it's only our stuborn pride that truely hinders God from working through us and in us. Church leader, pastor, deacon, elder or member, if you put your pride aside and let Christ truley have first place in your life you will never be the same.