Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Christmas-alation

With everyone getting so twisted about the Christmas - Holiday debate, it's time I offer a brief insight into the mind of the"Cowhunter".

 With so many evil events going on in our country lets put aside all the verbal wrangling and political posturing; instead let's become neighbors sharing joy and a season that represents giving and the gift of hope. A season that represents the best in man-kind....

Tiz the season, I am so tired of hearing about one group stomping on Christmas and wholesome family values and traditions or another group shouting, "it's a Christmas tree!" or "say MERRY CHRISTMAS!" The latest thing I heard was employees boycotting an office party event because they don't celebrate Christmas. No alchohol just food, sodas and sweet tea. Association is not affirmation. You're not compromising your values or condoning a belief by being freindly or lending your attendance to a gathering at the very place where you work and mingle with other people. In fact it's the exact opposite if we believe in values and our fellow-man then grab a plate, sit next to a friend and talk about your children or your family.

With all the turmoil going on in our world today why wouldn't you want to take time out of your day, sit with your co-workers or next door neighbor for that matter, and enjoy some good food and even a couple of free hours on the company clock.

We see the tradegy brought on by a life filled seperation and division. Let's not duplicate that pattern by isolating ourselves when we should be encouraging one another; if just by our presence and participation.

Put a smile on your face and great one another as humans should with character and goodwill. Let that be a gift you freely give to someone that passes you in the mall or in line at the store. Just as the gift of Christ was given freely to every person on earth. So, Happy Holidays, Merrry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, A Joyous Season, Feliz Navidad and anything else that may be appropriate, you know what I mean.

That's my Tip of the Hat for today.