Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't quit

Things don't always work out the way we expect. You can plan for every possible turn and twist and still miss something along the way. Does that sound familiar? I've heard that tape play over in my head a time or two. The good news is that in Gods timing success and failure can be measured by the service given for the cause of the gospel. We all want to see doors burst open and crowds of people showing up to ministry activities. When in reality it takes boots on the ground and time in the saddle to effectively share the Good News in our communities. I was watching a horse trainer working with young horse and someone said how long should it take to get this horse trained enough to ride. The trainers comment back was one of a wise cowboy, he said, "wet saddle blankets", or better yet time in the saddle. No magic training session or slick presentation can replace the time honored advice of hard work and commiment to solid ground work. It all comes down to "wet saddle blankets". You just have to get in the saddle and go.

In John 9:4 Jesus says "I must work the works of him who sent me".

There is a time when all of the fancy books and seminars are over and a time has come to place a boot in the stirup, swing you leg over the saddle, grab the reigns and give a kick and go forward. Not everything will come with a wrapping and a bow. The work of the disciple or minister takes commitment and a willingness to accept there are people that will oppose their efforts and there are people that will support them. But in either case it is the motivation of the worker that wells up deep inside and causes them to move forward or retreat at the first sign of discomfort. Our examples come from Christs' service. You can't seperate Christs words from his life, they were bound together even to the cross.

To a cowboy church planter that equates to miles on my Ford, to you it may mean time in Gods word or getting involved in a small group. I would challenge you to stop thinking about it and get to it. Those words of the trainer still ring in my ears, "wet saddle blankets".

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lets Talk

Welcome back. It has been an interesting summer. Each month I will feature a new video devotional for you to study along and dig a little deeper into Gods word. Understanding Gods plan for each one of us is important in these times. So saddle up and ride along with us as we experience Gods word for our everyday lives.