Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks Giving

I sat on the hill over looking my parents farm tonight and just watched the sun go down over the mountains. Since we moved here I don't think I had taken time to just sit and look at the mountains or watch the sun set. It was one of those moments that I just stopped to watch the horses eating grass and let Lucy the dog (not our dog, just one that comes up to the house when we show up to chase Fletcher, our dog) curl up beside me and we just sat there listening to the wind and the sound of the horses moving through the field. When is the last time you stopped and let the world go by so you could slow down? The time to say "thanks" to those that have made a difference in your life. Then "give" back to those with who you can make a difference. God gave us His great gift in His son Jesus Christ, we say thanks by being faithful to Gods words and sharing what Christ has done for us with others.