Wednesday, June 20, 2007

National Day of the American Cowboy

This should be a hoot! An entire day, July 28 2007, devoted to celebrating the heritage of the American Cowboy, or if your from Florida The Cowhunter. When I first heard about this holiday I was excited because I'm always looking for ways to meet people in the cowboy community here in Florida. Any chance I get to share Christ whether it's at a rodeo, horse show, or a Holiday that's dedicated to the continuing education of a lifestyle that engages the memories of youth and mystic of the old west. If you don't know the history of the Florida Cowhunter you may want to do a little research and discover why the Cowhunter is one of the most unique styles of Cowboys with a history that rivals any story from the old west.

Our plan for the holiday is to bring a little cowboy entertainment to Lakeland which is about half way between Orlando and Tampa. At the same time let the community know about our Cowboy Ministry.

So come and join us Saturday July 28 at Conibear RV on North Highway 98. You can find more information about The National Day of the American Cowboy at or you can visit the Mill Town web page for more information.
Come on by and visit with us Saturday July 28 and experience the Cowboy in you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Listen'n to the Trail Boss

We just got back from 2 weeks in Asheville, NC where I grew up. Our first stop was with Jeff Smith of the Cowboy Church Network. He held a conference for all of the Cowboy Pastors at his ranch near Charlotte, NC. It is very encouraging to so many men mobilizing to spread the gospel through the cowboy culture.

There are alot of people who like to trail ride and compete in all types of equestrian events and the men involved with Cowboy Church have a call to go to where these people are. Many times just being on the trail with a few people is enough to share Jesus Christ in a way that is comfortable to those your riding with. The Cowboy Church is growing and it's impact is being felt in unique ways. Some people that haven't been to church in many years enjoy the layed back atmosphere, in some locations tourists stop by to visit just to take in some of the local traditions.

While we were in Asheville we visited the Blue Ridge Cowboy Church near Asheville and the Cross Country Cowboy Church of Shelby. Each of these churches is serving a needed ministry in their community.

During our trip to Asheville we had planned on relaxing a bit but our first few days were spent at the emergency room. Suzanne had a pain in her side and the doctor thought it was her appendix but thankfully it turned out to be less serious but no less stressful.

The night we went over to the Blue Ridge Cowboy Church Jeff spoke about Listening to the Trail Boss. If you've ever been on a trail drive or just seen one in your favorite western you know there is typically one man in charge of the operation. You take all your direction from him while your on the drive. It can mean the difference between getting a paycheck at the end of the drive or even life and death. Jeff used verse from John 14:13-14. Verse 14 says "If you ask Me anything in My name (Jesus), I will do it."

If the trail boss knows you and you know him chances are you can go to him with a request or concern and he''ll listen. Our relationship with God is much the same, if we have a relationship with His son, Jesus, then He will listen when we talk to Him. If we don't know Jesus we don't know God and He doesn't know us. I realize this might sound harsh but it's the truth. If we ask God to answer our prayers He wants us to be living a life that is worth blessing and is in tune with what God expects from us.

I find myself not always listening to the Trail Boss and that's when I usually begin to wonder off the trail into some deep forest. I don't know about other ministries but the more I try to do things my way the more difficult it is for the Trail Boss to communicate with me. We always have great ideas and strategies for events and ways to bring people in to participate in Cowboy Church but that's not always what God has in mind.

Maybe God has been trying to talk to you on the trail and you've too busy to listen. Take some time and get alone with Him, clear your mind of the duties and commitments and the things that would distract you attention. Get into a right relationship with God, ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, and ask Him to make you into the kind of person He wants you to be and then commit yourself to living each day for Christ taking your direction from the only Trail Boss that will ever count.