Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time to Cowboy Up

It's January 1, 2008 and what a better way to begin the New Year then getting Land of the Sky Cowboy Church running. Since we've been here in Asheville we have seen Gods hand at work despite some of the obvious obsticles. The great thing is, God is bigger than anyone or any problem. I'll give you an example. Last week I was speaking to a Raymond Bell the founder of the Cowboy Church of Virginia and we were talking about our new work here in Asheville. Ray and I had talked a few times over the past couple of years but had not officially met. We talked for about 2 hours on the phone. A few hours after we had hung up he called me back and asked what we were doing Saturday, Suzanne and I had nothing pressing, Ray asked if I would like some company, sure I said, and the next thing I new my wife and I were making plans for our guests to arrive.

Ray and his wife Linda showed up at our house around 10:30 am Saturday morning that meant they left their house in Roanoke, Virginia at 6 AM. One thing is for sure when you do something out of the ordinary you find out really quick who your friends are. Ray and Linda spent the better part of Saturday with us just getting to know one another. I know this sounds strange to say but Suzanne and I haven't really found many friends here in Asheville that understand what we are undertaking with the Cowboy Church plant and how it can take a toll on you. I am not quite sure why that is, we have reached out to alot of people here but maybe we just haven't been able to connect with anyone locally yet.

I know Suzanne has had alot on her plate with home schooling and also hepling me with getting the church started. Ray and Linda listened and shared their experiences from years of ministry work and service. The Cowboy Churches in Virginina, like here in the Carolinas, are seeing tremendous growth as God works through the men and women of the Cowboy Church. It's not just about having a new niche to share the Gospel or impressive music but it happens because men and women are praying for change in peoples hearts. Only Jesus Christ can make that change possible, if we are ready.

All I can say is that it energized us to meet people that are out there on the front lines of ministry, doing what the Bible says,...GO! And go they did right here to Swannanoa, NC and shared their light with Suzanne and I. I'll never forget that day and someone lending a hand of freindship for Christ. Now that's being a light and an example for how Christ says we are to act towards one another.

On Thursday January 10 at 7PM we will begin holding services in Madison County. We have already been asked to start another Cowboy Church in Haywood County this spring. Please continue to pray for Suzanne and me as we share the gospel in the Cowboy culture.