Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Daze

We finally got a sizeable snow fall here in the mountians today. It began Tuesday night just as I was feeding the horses. On the drive back to the house the snow was so heavy it looked like it was coming from under the car. It was dark and the flakes were huge. Everything got a white winter blanket, it was very pretty. I took this shot this morning about 9am, it was very peaceful but 10 degrees.

This morning the roads were white with a thick layer of ice covering the road. I had to venture out to drive over the farm to feed the horses. On the way over to the farm there are a couple of very steep hills and the icy conditions made it a slow drive. When I got to the horses the fields were white and untouched, the horses were waiting near a large Cedar tree. They just stood there in the 10 degree wind. I made sure they got grain and a large amount of hay, since the ground was frozen. I've got a tank deicer that keeps the water from freezing and since the tempurature isn't going to get above 28 today I'm glad I've got it.

We are going to get some more snow showers this evening but not quite the amount we had Tuesday. The roads are still pretty icy but with more snow on the way I'll bet the conditions will worsen tonight. The horses got a plenty of hay tonight along with grain and they will be nice and warm in the run in shed. The wind has to go around the barn and the run-in shed is on the opposite side of that so the horses are well protected from the cold and wind.
It's a winter wonder land here in Western North Carolina and I am looking forward to getting out and throwing a few snowballs tomorrow. I'm sure we will end up cancelling Cowboy Church this Thursday because of the ice on the roads. But we will be on for Sunday at 10:30 am. So if you are in Asheville stop by and visit with us.
Stay warm tonight.
See you on the trail.